About Me


I had a number of false starts in my own career before finding my path.


A project manager for over a decade, I set up my first business in 2014 and have since found satisfaction and balance.


Now I'm sharing my approach with aspiring entrepreneurs, contractors and freelancers, supporting them through these critical decisions and showing them how to flourish on their own unique journey.

An Introduction from me, and my FUTURE Method

It may not be an obvious thought with everything going on, but a rare luxury many of us have at the moment is time.

It’s time to reflect on what is most important to us, and what we want to do with our lives once things return to something close to normal.

In my own circumstances, I’m taking the opportunity to spend quality time with my two young children. My wife and I have built a routine that balances work and play.

I’m also developing products and services to support the book I’ve written, now titled Project Future and to be released next January. These assets will shape my business going forwards as I help people on their journey to success as their own boss.

Businesses all over the world are planning for what happens once the pandemic is over NOW, and you can do the same.

Things won’t be the same after it’s over, but I believe change always brings opportunity and renewal. New businesses will emerge.

If you’ve ever considered becoming your own boss, this terrible hiatus to normal life could be your opportunity for clear headspace to really think through your ideas, evaluate your circumstances and decide what you want to do with your working life.

Ask yourself these two questions:
1. What do you ENJOY doing?
2. How can you HELP people?


Next Steps

I’m offering you a FREE 15-minute Zoom video call where we can talk about your aspirations and how you can get organized. We’ll then set some initial next step actions to help you make the right decision and make it happen.

Please stay safe, and make the most of every opportunity. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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